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Something nice in the post…

I recently received this lovely, lovely, lovely card in the post from Hayley and Andrew whose wedding I photographed in Leicestershire back in October…

victoria phipps photography testimonial

Despite what many people believe about wedding photographers, we don’t make a lot of money.  People see a price tag of £1000 and think… “for one day’s work?”  But it’s a long, hard day’s work… I feel like I’ve gone through a battle by the end of every wedding!  And the truth is that once the recces, consultations, travel and editing hours are taken into account it’s far more than one day’s work and in the end many photographers are lucky to make more than £10/hour.

Having said that it’s a truly wonderful job… I feel so privileged to be invited to capture all the fun and emotion of someone’s wedding day.  Knowing your clients are happy with their photographs is just the best feeling and makes all the hard work worthwhile.  This little note really made my day!  : )

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