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Adventures in Photography | Holga

I fear I am slowly becoming a camera collector!!  I LOVE them.  They’re such beautiful objects and the Holga, despite it’s cheap and flimsy exterior, is no exception!

The story of the Holga begins in Hong Kong in 1982.  Photography was a national obsession and the appetite for cameras at home and overseas was insatiable!  From within this world of manic creation and innovation came the Holga, a distinctly un-modern and somewhat prehistoric throwback to the early days of camera mechanics… but, typical of its era, made entirely of plastic.

The concept behind the design is so simple; a basic, inexpensive camera using medium format 120 film.  At a time when medium format photography was a very costly pursuit, the Holga offered an affordable alternative and so enjoyed a popularity explosion.

Classified as a “toy camera“, the Holga is almost fool-proof simply because of the lack of options it gives the user.  There are just two aperture settings and four focusing settings, making it a very unpredictable and exciting camera to use.  I have just finished my first roll of film and can’t wait to see the results!

holga camera

The unassuming Holga is here to save the analogue junky in a digital world.  It will reawaken your vision, fill you with joy, make you see beauty when you thought it had disappeared forever, and bring out sunshine on a cloudy day.” – Lomography

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