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Memories of Florence

It’s funny how time distorts our memories.  I have been lucky enough to visit Florence three times now and it has captured my heart anew each time.

I took this photograph in 2005.  Of course in the weeks afterwards I remembered each detail about this evening in one of my favourite cities… what we ate and drank, what we wore, what we talked about, bickered about, laughed about.  I knew exactly what was either side of the frame of this photograph, as well as the noises of the street below, the smell of the oven-baked pizza (pretty sure there was pizza!) and the chatter of the people who stood around me as I snapped the shutter.

Now, years later, those details have faded from my memory and this photograph takes on a new meaning.  The beautiful light and the shadows tell me it was evening, but it’s the feeling I get when I look at it that tells me it was a good evening.

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