Motivation for 2012

I believe in goals; whether they be mundane day to day errands or long-term life-changing objectives.  I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions (January is too bleak to start denying yourself chocolate!), I prefer February resolutions.  It may be cold, but the days start to feel longer and Spring seems just around the corner.

Against my will, I’ve also become a list-maker and today I made a list of ideas to keep me on my toes in 2012.  Then it occurred to me, if I share it with you then you can hold me to it…

conceptual photography

Dream big.  Life is full of opportunity, so keep an open mind and say yes.  Don’t be complacent.  Work hard and fight everyday to achieve your goals.

James Joyce once said, “A man’s errors are his portals to discovery“.  Try new things.  Experiment. You’re only human and sometimes you’ll mess up; it’s inevitable.  So make mistakes, but don’t make them twice.  Learn and improve.

Read and take inspiration from great literature.  You like reading, make time for it!

Continue to seek beauty in the mundane.  Don’t tell people you see beauty all around you, show them! You are good, but you can always be better.  Take any doubt you have and transform it into effort. Push yourself.  Photograph everyday and be persistent in your quest for beauty.

Explore with your camera.  Visit churches, parks, markets, derelict buildings, beaches and everywhere else.  Interpret what you find to be the essence of places and events in pictures.  Share your adventures.  Seek to depict what’s good and important in life; love, laughter and warmth.  Tell stories.

Deliver beautiful products of the highest quality to your clients.  There is no room for compromise.

Be true to yourself.  If you believe in film over digital, in prints over jpegs and in albums over discs then make those things your priority.  Have conviction.

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13/02/2012 - 10:28

Pip Glover - Fabulous x

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