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Remember last October… we had all started to come to terms with the idea that long summer days were a distant memory and very soon the cold, dark winter would be upon us, when quite out of the blue a mediterranean style heatwave struck the British Isles?  T-shirts and shorts came back out of the wardrobe and the entire nation basked in glorious, uncharacteristic sunshine!  Well, let me tell you something about that heatwave… the days may have been warm and bright, but the nights were absolutely freezing!  How do I know this?  Because, along with a group of similarly naive women from the Click Collective, I was in a tent…

lifestyle photography lincolnshire

I very much enjoy camping.  I love waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chattering and wind rustling, before unzipping the tent with blurry eyes to be greeted by the great outdoors.  Having said all that, my camping experiences have usually involved problems with overheating as the august sun beats down on the polyester.  I hadn’t before experienced cold camping.  But you know, once the shock of the first night had abated, we did what women do… we got on with it!  Having learned from our mistakes, we planned a strategy for maximum warmth the following night.  Inevitably some had a stronger maternal instinct than others and quickly took on the role of Mother hen, looking after us all.  I’m sorry to say that being the baby of the group, I wasn’t as quick to volunteer for wood collection as perhaps I should have been!

In short, to quote Prince Harry, we had a gas!  By day the Lincolnshire countryside was beautiful, the sky was blue, there was endless talk about cameras, f-stops, off-camera flash, on-camera flash, photography in general, food and men!  By night there were stars, blazing campfires and plenty of talk about off-camera flash, on-camera flash, photography in general, food and men all topped off with a very civilised amount of booze!  My only regret is not taking more photographs of this crazy gaggle of girls… next time.

Here are some things I did photograph…

rural lifestyle photographer

destination photographer

product photography

medium format film photography

glamping lincolnshire

rural lifestyle photography

fine art photography

rural lifestyle photographer

landscape photography nottinghamshire

boudoir photography

outdoor boudoir photography

boudoir photographer

fine art photography

rural lifestyle photography

countryside photography

agricultural photography

pet photography

agricultural photography

…and then it went dark.

fine art photography

Thanks so much to all the girls from the Click Collective for organising this fabulous weekend retreat.  Always a pleasure!

Captured on Kodak Portra Film

  • Thanks for bringing it all back!! Especially the freezing nights!! Can’t quite believe we’re doing it again, but this time as North as we can go in England and in March. Yup, we’re nuts. But looking at your photos makes it all worth while! xxReplyCancel

  • Vicki your photographs always captivate me. I especially love the mug shadow shot and all the ones of the cows!ReplyCancel

  • wow Vicki… isn’t film just marvelous… such beauty in the normal xxx you’re so very cleverReplyCancel

  • I absolutely LOVE them, especially the three chairs! It was cold and I can’t quite believe we’re actually doing it all again soon either but am really looking forward to it 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Vicki, these are brilliant photos but that first one of the cow is AMAZEBALLS!!! I love it!
    Ohhh…I think I need to sort out my Glamp photos too…. xReplyCancel

  • Jane Packard

    Lovely images Vicki. I too love the one of the three chairs. Fond memories!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Oh my sweet giddy aunt – she does it again – LOVE LOVE LOVE Vicky, love em xReplyCancel

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