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Venice in Colour

This weekend I stuffed my camera bag with black & white film and journeyed to Venice with 30 crazy ladies all with the shared objective of simply taking photographs.  To summarise, it was a blast!

Anyone who enjoys taking pictures of well, pretty much everything, appreciates how irritated those around you can become when they turn around every 5 minutes only to find you dawdling 200m behind them with your camera glued to your eyes!  As a photographer you feel compelled to document the world around you, but you can also feel guilty when this obsession begins to dominate your days leaving you detached from those you care about most.  The answer?  Every now and again go on holiday with a gang of talented, creative photographers and indulge in picture-taking.  Meet some lovely new people.  Catch up with old friends.  Photograph everything!

And what better destination than Venice?

In my case, these days it’s photograph everything on film.  Which means whilst everyone else is busy editing their images, I’m packing mine up to send off for processing.  Fingers crossed they’ll be back in time for Christmas, but in the mean time here’s a splash of venetian colour…

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