A Bit About Victoria

I am a photographer with an eye for a story and a soft spot for film.

My passion for photography was confirmed in 2008, when I decided not to continue on my journey to become an architect.  My design training definitely informs my approach to photography; I believe less is more.  I’m drawn to clean, simple compositions and shoot in available light wherever possible.

From the moment I first became interested in taking pictures, I began to study the world around me in a whole new light.  Common surroundings became potential images and now I’m always on the hunt for something honest, interesting and beautiful.  I’m in my element exploring, camera in hand, attempting to understand the essence of a my subject – a person, a place or an event – and record it on film.

I feel privileged to be asked to capture people’s memories; photographing them in their most honest moments surrounded by those they love most.  More than anything I want my clients to come away from their photography experience with happy memories and pictures which will be treasured for years to come.

I divide my time between London & Cheshire taking on assignments across Britain.  I love an adventure and am more than willing to hop on a plane for destination weddings or lifestyle shoots!



Photograph by Jonathan Canlas