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Photographs I Love | Marilyn

This is perhaps my favourite photograph of Marilyn Monroe.  I have no idea of the context in which this picture was taken, but it seems so natural.  I really hope it is.  Arnold is best known for her photographs of Marilyn Monroe and was the hollywood star’s most trusted photographer.  Monroe looks entirely relaxed and […]

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Photographs I Love | Piccadilly Circus

I was so close to posting one of Steve McCurry’s colour-rich portraits today, but thought I’d try a little harder and stumbled upon this beauty by relatively unknown photographer Chalmers Butterfield.  Sales of all photographic film have fallen rapidly over the last ten years as digital photography has grown to dominate the market.  In 2009 […]

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Photographs I Love | Sunlight

So it’s Friday and I almost forgot this gem!  Pinkhassov is a Russian-born photographer who now resides in Paris.  He was accepted by the Magnum agency in 1988 and ten years later published “Sightwalk“, which is where I found this picture.  The book contains a short series of photographs taken in Tokyo and this is […]

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