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Romantic Engagement Photography

I always encourage my wedding clients to have an engagement shoot.  If you’re not used to having your photograph taken then it can be a daunting part of your wedding day and it really needn’t be.  Having a pre-wedding photo shoot is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and how they work so that all the mystery is taken out of the photographic element of your wedding day, leaving you to relax and simply enjoy the moment!  An engagement shoot is also a great way for your photographer to get to know you and how to respond to the camera.  This practice session will no doubt enable them to take better photographs of you both on your big day.

My engagement shoots usually last around two hours and take place at a location of my clients’ choosing.  I always aim to keep things informal and fun so that I can deliver a series of natural, happy photographs capturing each couple at this important time in their relationship.  So much focus is placed on the wedding day itself and that’s largely justified – it’s a big deal – but I always think that this time when couples are engaged is pretty exciting too.  When two people fall in love and decide they want to share their whole lives with each other, they see this big future stretched out before them full of hope and possibility.  I think that’s pretty cool.